Brilliant Vinyl Record Storage Solutions

If you are a vinyl collector, you have definitely invested in some of the most valuable records. Well, the only thing better than your enviable collection is the ability to display and show off your favorites. With a large collection, even the mighty IKEA KALLAX units will no longer serve the purpose-especially if you are short on floor space. All the same, a few classy storage ideas will look amazing in your home, protect your records and enhance their accessibility.

Are you are a passionate vinyl fan or a purely ornamental collector? Whichever the case, here are some clever and space-saving ways of organizing, protecting, and jazzing up your collections.

Atocha Design Record Stands

Designed in 2013, Atocha Design Record Stand perfectly articulates beauty and functionality. It is bold and recreates your favourite record shop’s feeling but with incredible design and quality materials. You can organize up to 300LPs in a classic, convenient, elegant way in this incredible piece of furniture. But that is not all. When you position your stand against a wall, the groove on its top ledge facilitates an additional “now playing” display enhancing your music experience.

Wax Stacks ($65 per crate)

If you do not consider yourself a handy person, here is the ideal storage choice for you. The crates are shipped flat accompanied by everything you will need to set up. Join together the five panels provided to form a crate then stack the crates based on your preferred configuration. As such, you do not have to worry about tools, lost bolts or missing screws. With each crate holding more than 50 records, you can recreate a tranquil vinyl record shop sensation in your small space.

Horizontal A-Z Record Dividers ($320)

Of course, style is important when storing your valuable vinyl records-but so is organization. Horizontal A-Z record dividers are much more than brilliant vinyl records storage solutions. After arranging your collections in the individual bookshelves, the stenciled record dividers will make it easy for you to locate files. As such, you can easily reach out to an old favorite or explore and rediscover records you almost forgot you had.

Record Props (from $15)

With record props, you can either display your vinyl upright on a table to or choose to hang alongside the album on the wall. They are easy to mount without the need for frames or display shelves.

Designing a vinyl record storage unit that complements your modern and unique interior design can be quite daunting. But it does not have to be. Tylko offers you eco-conscious storage options that stand for quality, style and convenience. There is a wide array of colors, materials and designs at your disposal and an incredible team to ensure that everything is up to standards: